A.A Hotels Ltd

A Leading Hotels Expert


Senior Consultant, Managerial Services Tourism-Hospitality

A.A. Hotels Ltd. provides consulting, initiating and managing projects for companies and businesses in the tourist hotel industry. The owner and CEO is Avi Agajany who has experience of 40 years establishing and managing hotels and tourism projects throughout Israel & other countries.

A.A. Hotels Ltd. specializes in all areas relating to the establishment and management of projects in the tourism industry in general, and in hospitality and the hotel industry in particular.

The company cooperates with first class professionals in the fields of marketing, planning, architecture, procurement, legalities, accounting and finance, and all other fields of the tourism and hotelier scope.

Young smiling hotel staff holding tray with breakfast

A. A. Hotels is manages:

Consulting Services

Counseling services & Feasibility study

  • Preliminary design of the project
  • Calculating construction costs
  • Obtaining grant from The Ministry of Tourism
  • Marketing program
  • Feasible study of tourist & hotelier projects.

Hotel Management

Facilities construction and management of hotels

  • Planning and supervising of construction crew
  • Supervision of the project establishment
  • Purchasing of supplies and organizing project opening
  • Project management

Purchasing Services

Procurement and refurbishment services

  • Preparing specifications for equipment required
  • Planning and architectural services
  • Receipt of tenders
  • Direct import of equipment
  • Refurbishment

Our Services:

The company conducts feasibility studies for the establishment of tourist and hospitality projects, and provides consulting services to investors and companies wishing to establish and manage hotels, boutique hotels and projects in the tourism industry. The company is engaged in managing hotels and boutique hotels for investors and companies. The company is setting up a quality resort hotel on the island of Zanzibar which it will also manage.

A. A. Hotels is in collaboration with local and international investors to initiate, purchase, construct and manage hotels and boutique hotels.